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Moving your business can be an overwhelming situation. This is your livelihood, it's what you do and you don't need to be losing customers or production due to a slow, sloppy move. This is why our expert commercial moving service allows our clients to move more efficiently which lets them return to work without lost time to customers.
Weston Moving is dedicated to making your business relocation quick and efficient with the goal of not costing you any business time.


Commercial moves are stressful affairs, but with expert preparation prior to the move, we at Weston Movers are committed to relocating your business in a manner that ensures a smooth transition to your new location. We strive to complete your business move in the shortest time possible, often within hours, with our expert preparation and execution. We even offer night and weekend service so you don't even have to close the office.

Weston Movers will always provide the service customized to your needs and budget. So contact us today and take advantage of our free in home estimate service for a guaranteed price quote in writing.


Preparing For A Successful Business Relocation


Preparation and proper planning are the keys to any move but especially for a business where there needs to be as little downtime as possible. If you are not open to the public you can not make money, it's that simple.

The main objectives in a business move is to be time and cost efficient. The less time you spend moving the more cost efficient it will be for your company.

After deciding if your new office space will hold all of your old office furniture examine your new space, take notice of all it's little nooks and crannies. Your new office layout may be totally different from the old.


Communication is vitally important when it comes to a corporate move. Make sure that everyone involved ( employees, renters, landlords, etc.) is aware of every detail, they need to know the exact moving plan well in advance.

Honestly, the importance of planning can not be stressed enough. Relocation without the proper forethought only breeds confusion, and that only leads to an unsatisfactory move that may wind up costing you customers and money. Start the planning process as early as possible, over time plans may change. That is why it is wise to anticipate the worst and be prepared if it comes along. Above all else, Weston Movers always keep the customer in mind. We strive to make your business move a seamless transition regardless of the challenge it may present.


Weston Moving will always provide service that is customized  to our customers needs.

We are fully insured, licensed and bonded in the state of Florida. Our South Florida relocation team will always strive to surpass your highest expectations and provide you with quality service and peace of mind. All this at the lowest prices in town.